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Iju is the location of the fish breeding, the cultural school and the training facility. About 10 pioneers are trained here. Above all crop plants are cultivated (grains, bulbs, tree nursery).
In Akure, the Capital of Ondo-State, there is the Cultural Center (Network-Center). Cultural center In the shop local alternative and traditional food is offered. Here about 15 staff members are employed, among them 6 pioneers and 3 teachers.
In the surroundings of Ondo the VPP-Pure Water is sold. In Ondo you find the VPP-shop and the Natur-Medicine-Clinic, that employs altogether 8 people. nature medicine clinic
In Ajue the VPP started out 1986. Here on the teaching-farm about 15 pioneers are trained.
Besides ecological agriculture there has been a rabbit breeding from the beginning. Meanwhile pigs and a bird breeding (pigeons) have been added.
Moreover there is a woman workshop (cotton weaving, production of soap, oil and creme), as well as a smith, wood and metal workshop and a herbal garden.
Also the VPP-Pure Water is produced and juice from mango, plantain and pineapple.