• Agriculture

    The VPP practises integrated and ecological agriculture for more than 20 years in the areas of Ajue and Iju. The VPP maintains big farms with agricultural crops and forests. There is a Bio-farm with pigs and rabbits. The poultry farming had to be cut out due to bird flu in 2006. To be more immune to throwbacks from animal diseases the animal breeding had been expanded 2007: In Iju four big ponds have been installed for fish breeding. These ponds comprise about 750 Tilapia fish.

  • Artisanry - handcraft

    The VPP offers Workshops for handcrafts and traditional artisanry including smith-, wood- and metal-workshops; but also workshops regarding spinning, weaving and colouring.

  • Trainings-center

    10 to 20 trainees for agricultural issues are living in the VPP. Yearly added are about 50 to 100 external apprentices. The trainees and pioneers origin from all regions of Nigeria. Since 1987 there is an exchange-programme with american und european juveniles. And also the VPP-youth is visiting regularly Germany and other industrial nations to exchange knowledge.
    Regarding training in the VPP see also menue item internship.

  • Pure Water

    With the help of two filling systems water from the fountain - built years ago - is gained and filled in small reservoirs, the so-called "VPP-Pure-Water". This water is sold in the arid regions of Ondo for a fair price. With this the VPP can cover round 60% of its costs.

  • Bio-gas digester

    Since 1986 already the VPP works with a bio-gas digester. The development towards a mobile bio-gas digester with usage of a plastic barrel started in 2006. This idea could be imparted to private households, colleges and schools. Therefore the VPP meanwhile produces small mobile bio-gas digesters to keep up with the increasing demand. Even the government has been paying attention to this alternative way of energy generation: The generating plant in Akure has placed an order with the VPP, to build a fixed huge plant!

  • Nature-Medicine-Clinic

    In Ondo-City the Nature-Medicine-Clinic has been opened 2007. The clinic has five rooms and eight fix employees, among them three doctors and one doctress for naturopathy as well as two nurses. The clinic is used for treatment of elementary and avoidable health problems. The VPP cultivates medicinal herbs and processes them to medicine that is used in the clinic. Moreover medicinal herbs and medicine is sold to surrounding villages.

  • book School books

    The VPP has initiated and published the school book
    "Eko Nipa Awon Nnkan ti o wa ni Ayika fun Omo Ile-Iwe Alakobere kinnin titi de Eketa"
    (Nature studies).

  • Support of schools

    The VPP supports five schools with altogether almost 1400 scholars, that are educated by ca. 20 teachers. Two new schools have been added in nearby villages in 2007.

  • Help for street children

    The VPP expanded its work for juveniles and children about five years ago with a special aiding programme for street children. The amount of the latter is growing day by day in Nigeria.
    Almost forty street children could already been housed in various little villages with reliable families.

  • Cultural center

    In Akure the VPP has build a cultural and conference center. Workshops, seminars, exhibitions and various knowledge-exchange-programmes are taking place there.

  • Pilot schemes

    -- Alternative Energy: Usage of solar cooker on location
    -- Cultivation of fast growing trees for firewood
    -- Breeding of endangered medical plants and agricultural crops
    -- Breeding and preservation of small animals (e. g. grasscutter and guinea pigs)
    -- Soap production
    -- Handcrafts
    -- Promotion of local Nigerian music and dances and drum fabrication

  • Recognitions

    -- The VPP won the firt prize of the NEST/FORD FOUNDATION (W. Africa) Environmental protection award among grassroot organisation in Nigeria in July 1992
    -- Host to Ondo State Governor, September, 30th, 1992
    -- Winner of Best Farmer Award of the first Ondo State business community awards, March, 16th, 1995
    -- Chairman of the taskforce committee on agriculture of Ondo State Family Support Programme, 1995
    -- Member of International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movement (IFOAM), Germany
    -- Action Research Fellow and Advisor to Her Excellency, wife of Ondo State Governor on Small Scale Industries (2000 2003). Winner of Award of Excellence for the upliftment and propagation of Yoruba culture, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ife, Osun State, Nigeria.
    -- Guest Speaker and Advisor to IRFD, at the UNO Conference, New York, 1997
    -- Representative of International Research Foundation for Development (IRFD) at the UNO Habitat II Conference, Instanbul, 1996.