Activities at the Village Pioneer Project

Restoration of abandoned villages

Abandoned village Street kids Village-preserver Street children Extension village Abandoned Village Village Village II

Pioneer training

Cotton Solar cooker Bio-gas digester Filling bio-gas digester Soap forms Soap Bio-gas digester

Support of Schools

VPP-School School Class Education Education 2 House VPP-School

A bio-gas digester for the government

Biogasdigester I Biogasdigester II Biogasdigester III Biogasdigester IV Biogasdigester V Biogasdigester VI Biogasdigester VII Biogasdigester VIII

VPP - Pure Water

Pure Water Water selling VPP-Truck Wasserpacking I Wasserpacking II Juice WaterFactory Water tanks

Cultural Center in Akure

Entrance CC Entrance CC CC CC Inside Cultural center Cultural center Stairway Door Inside Cultural center

VPP - Medicine

Sign Clinic car Nature-Meds Nature-Medicin-Clinc Herbal remedies Herb garden Medicine

Animal breeding

Pigs Piglets Pig Rabbits I Rabbits II Rabbits III Rabbits IV Fish pond Iju Fish pond Fish pond II